1629 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 814-8022


First week of membership is $265 and is due on move-in day. This includes the Move-In Fee as well as the first week’s membership fee.

Payments can be made online however all credit card payments are subject to a 5% service fee. Cash and money orders are also accepted.

No refunds are given if the member is discharged for violation of membership rules and regulations.

More information on our payment policies is available in our Member Handbook which is received upon admission.

Membership Fees
  • $120 weekly
  • Includes all amenities plus weekly drug tests (see Amenities)
  • Members only provide food, clothing, and toiletries
Move-In Fees
  • $100 Deposit- 100% refundable if the member is clean, gives 2 weeks’ notice and cleans/prepares the room for the next member upon moving out.
  • First week's Membership Fee- $120 will be due if moving in on Monday. The first week will be prorated depending on admission day.

Please note: All applicants must pay a $45 Application Fee. This fee covers a background check & drug screening- Our goal is to try and ensure that we provide a safe and secure environment for all our men and neighbors. So while we are felon friendly, we screen out those convicted of violent, arson or sexually based felony convictions.

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