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Actions speak louder than words. Our members are required to show us through their daily actions that sobriety is their top priority. Commitment to themselves and their sobriety is our number one rule.

Not only are we helping our members reach their individual goals, we are creating an atmosphere that promotes a healthy and successful lifestyle for all members of the house. With that being said, we will not allow one individual to jeopardize the sobriety of others. The items below are crucial for a successful house and everyone is required to abide by them.

12 Step Program

All members are required to attend meetings regularly. In order to be successful and reach their goals, members must be dedicated to working the steps with the help of their sponsor. Again, we are committed to helping our members on an individual basis but a healthy home is crucial to healthy sobriety. We want to see our members supporting each other along the way.

Drug/Alcohol Testing

All members will participate in regular testing and breathalyzing and are subject to additional testing deemed necessary by staff. Cost of tests are included in weekly fees.


All members are required to work a minimum of 30 hours per week. If a member does not have a job, they will be required to log 40 hours of job searching each week. These logs must be submitted with a copy of at least 10 applications each day until hired. Members are required to find a job within the first 2 weeks. School and Volunteer work do not fulfill this requirement.


To continue the progression of all members, there will be multiple layers of accountability including, but not limited to, regular visits from our Executive Director, daily support and accountability from our House Manager, and member to member accountability with regular house meetings and socials. All of our members are fighting their own fight, but the housemates will understand the battles better than anyone. Our hope is that members will confide in one another during the journey to a better life. Every Sunday, all members are required to provide the Executive Director and House Manager with an official work schedule for that week during our mandatory House Meeting. This gives our staff an additional tool to help hold our members accountable.

House Responsibilities

Members will be assigned daily and weekly chores around the house. Chores include, but are not limited to, deep cleaning, trash removal, house repairs, etc. It is important that all contribute to the cleanliness and upkeep of the house. We believe that our members are inclined to feel better when their surroundings are clean. In additional to assigned chores, all members are expected to keep their living spaces in pristine conditions and clean up after themselves in the shared areas. Our goal is to provide a safe and stable environment for all and it requires participation from all. As members progress, they are given greater responsibilities in the house operations which may lead to additional privileges.

Point Program & Phase System

The house will be run on a Point Program and Phase System. Phases are determined by time spent at Twin Rails as well as personal achievements made through action in their 12 step program. The higher the phase, the more freedom, privilege and trust they receive. All members will be tracked through this Phase System and it will add yet another layer of accountability. Members have the ability to gain additional rewards through our Point Program. Positive actions will be rewarded with points which can be redeemed for extra perks such as fee discounts, food allowances, overnight passes and more. However, negative actions will result in strikes. Strikes provide a form of discipline and will only be given for minor offenses. Anything deemed greater than minor will result in a membership being revoked and the member will be evicted. More information on our Points Program and Phase System is provided in the Member Handbook.

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